Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How did we get here?

Apathy. Listen to Bill Whittle. Then act.

See you April 15th in Lowell, MA.

Tea Party Patriots:
BarbaraKlain: We are planning the second annual Tax Day Tea Party to be held at JFK Plaza in Lowell on April 15. Please email me at lowellteaparty@gmail.com if you would like to get involved.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We are the Tea Party

Inspirational. Pam Stout is just a Mom who had had enough and got involved. And almost by accident, she ends up on Letterman in civil discourse. It’s a Forrest Gump moment. How did she get there? Could she have imaged this? This could be me! And the best part is that she is communicating that the tea party is not a political party, but actions by individuals and small groups. We don’t all believe in one complete platform. Pam indicated she is suspicious of President Obama’s citizenship. She has that right. I don’t question his citizenship. But Pam and I can both be tea party members because we believe in the American dream. And we think that that opportunity is slipping away though bigger government, more regulation and sky-rocketing, unsustainable debt. HT. EW.com

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Go Now!

Get involved. Find out who is running in your district for state and federal government. Learn their positions. Find someone to work for. Get signatures for them. Make calls. Donate money. Make the change in November.

Click the state:

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Memories of my Grandfather Coleman

What is not made clear is that Paul Kirk (temp-MA-D) cast the 60th vote for the Senate health care bill. MA voted against O-care when we chose Scott Brown. But it was too late. This bill, if passed, will be on the shoulders of an appointed senator from a state that clearly disagreed with this bill. And 50 years from now when this entitlement is as commonplace as Social Security, no one will remember this except us cranky old republicans, boring our grandchildren with stories of freedom and liberty and the rise of tyranny.

I remember my grandfather railing against social security. He hated FDR. I fear I will become my grandfather - chastising Obama while my grandchildren are being taught the greatness of the same man.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Can Hear You

I can hear you, the rest of the country can hear you and the people who make our laws will hear all of us soon.

Elect Scott Brown on Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Elect Scott Brown!

This video is much more than Doug Flutie.
Go out and make a difference.
Make history.
Vote for Scott Brown.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Help Stop the 60th Vote!

Donate or Volunteer for Scott Brown for U.S. Senate!
Vote on Jan. 19th or get your absentee ballot, now!

Friday, November 06, 2009

If you can't read this....

… you should be calling your Rep, right now. This report also says, that if you are a family of 4 with a $102k family income, you will pay $20k in health tax in 2016. Follow the link…

This is from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), a bi-patrician group. Mind you, this is an “explanation”. Imagine how confusing the legislation must sound.

To illustrate the effects of those features, the table shows the amounts of income that would correspond to the midpoint of each FPL band, the resulting premiums that single individuals and families of four would have to pay for a reference plan if their income equaled that midpoint, and the share of their income that would be represented by the sum of the enrollee premiums and the average cost-sharing amount at that midpoint. For instance, a single person with income of $26,500 in 2016 (225 percent of the FPL) would pay a premium of about $1,900 (after getting a premium subsidy of 64 percent) and could expect to pay another $900 in cost sharing (net of federal subsidies); thus, the average payment by such a person for the premium and cost sharing combined is projected to be $2,800, or about 11 percent of income. A family of four with income of about $54,000 (also 225 percent of the FPL in 2016) could expect to pay about the same share of its income for premiums and cost sharing. (Because use of health care in a given year varies widely, many people would pay less in cost sharing than the average, but some would pay more—subject to the limits on out-of-pocket costs that are specified in the bill.)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good News!

GDP rose in Q3 due to government spending! Yahoo!

WASHINGTON – Fueled by government stimulus, the economy grew last quarter for the first time in more than a year. The question now is, can the recovery last?

So let me get this straight. The government wrote checks with money we don't have that reflects in increased GDP. Sound like recovery?